Welcome to my web site and the world of LEFT of the LEFT BANK . . . 

a contemporary novel strongly blended in the suspense and romance genres. It takes place in present time, and is set purposely in two cities . . .

Denver . . . the enduring Queen City of the Plains sprawling against the majesty of the Rocky Mountains . . .

and, in the most romantic city on earth, Paris . . . City of Light and Dreams.


Why is it that Paris is so alluring? 

From the first time I saw Paris, I was immediately seduced

by its absolute uniqueness, its perpetual joie de vivre. It has been said that Paris is eternal, a city of continual change that each dawn finds her face renewed by her creative energy in a never-ending celebration. In addition to the renown of its culinary expertise, fashion and haute couture, theater and cinema, art and literary achievements, as well as its architecture that successfully blends the past and the present, I realized that not only is Paris la grande dame, but it is above all else . . . a state of mind.


The River Seine . . . 

winds through Paris, creating entirely different atmospheres along its Right and Left Banks.  In the space

of a few minutes, it is possible to cross between these worlds, going from elegance and extravagance on one side to the more casual and creative in the other. An age-old cobbled street leads from one of its many bridges to the quartier of Saint-Germain-des-Pres on the Left Bank, where the fictional old mansion, the Residence-Saint-Germain, is located in my novel, the home base for much of the story's action in Paris.


I invite you to come along to Denver and Paris and share the mystery and adventure.

Entertaining and well written fast paced mystery that I believe you will enjoy from beginning to end.

By James Laughlin on Amazon - 09.18.2015 - 5 stars


I was delighted with this book! All the elements were cleverly included: mystery, love story, even a travel log! The character development was marvelous. I enjoyed it so much that I'm looking forward to a sequel.

By Don Searcy on Amazon - 12.18.2015 - 5 stars


Interesting, fast moving plot that kept you guessing. More than a love story, it was also a great mystery.

The descriptions of Paris made you want to go there. Well done.

By Amazon customer - 03.27.2016 - 5 stars


What  a great book. Once I got started I could hardly put it down. I hope that your next book will be out soon. You must have had a marvelous trip to Paris. Your descriptions were vivid and interesting. The mystery was fun with its suspicions and turn of events. Well done.

By Shirley A. Shirley, Jewelry Designer & Amazon customer - 03.28.2016


Available in two formats: Paperback & Kindle Edition

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