About Victoria . . .

​I consider myself lucky . . . I grew up thankful for my parents' never-ending patience, but especially for their encouragement and the certain expectation that I could be whatever . . . and do whatever . . . I decided upon as my life's ambition. 


I was born in the Midwest and grew up in the restaurant business where the guiding light was my father’s amazing talents as a restaurateur, who in turn grew up with his Italian mother and grandmother’s cooking skills. As much as Dad was gifted with extraordinary talent in the culinary field, my mother, a registered nurse by education and experience, was blessed with a great natural ability to keep everything on an even keel at the restaurant and at home.


How lucky was I? Yes, I was expected to work at the restaurants in the summers, on weekends . . . and too many times when one of the help didn’t show up. As a teenager, I complained a lot about not being able to work at other places,  but that early 'seasoning' has served me well through all the sequences of the physical and mental experiences that have made up my individual existence.


From an early age, I was keen on books, reading under the covers with a flashlight when I was supposed to be asleep. A neighborhood library was right around the corner from the restaurant, and I would check out as many books as I was able, reading everything from the biographies of all the U.S. presidents to the Nancy Drew mystery series. When it came time to make my decision on a college major, I chose what I had decided upon as a career—interior design—and what I had always enjoyed from childhood—literature. I graduated from Drake University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree—majoring in design and interiors, with a minor in English literature.


Upon re-locating to Colorado, I opened my own interior design practice based out of Denver, and spent many years working in various areas of the country for companies like Chubb Insurance (New Jersey) and Recreactions (California-based), as well as other builders and developers in Texas and Colorado. My professional practice included merchandising design for model homes, clubs, sales offices, retail jewelry stores inside mall venues, residential design, and more.


With regard to my life-long love of books, a number of years ago I became passionate about the idea of writing my own novels. The thought became reality after immersing myself in the 'how-to' end of writing, and attending classes and workshops. The result is my debut book, LEFT OF THE LEFT BANK, a novel of suspense and romance, set in Denver and Paris, and introducing the three plucky Martelli women.


I currently make my home in Des Moines, Iowa, on a wooded site that is also home to umpteen birds, a family of wild turkeys, a couple of pesky raccoons, a red fox, a bevy of squirrels, a community of squinties, a herd of deer, a pair of exceptionally cute bunnies, and one very spoiled dog. Oh, and did I mention a pear tree that every summer causes me to square off with the squirrels over who gets first rights to the ripened fruit?

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