A centuries-old Parisian mansion . . . secret passageways . . . a gigantic Wolfhound named Penelope . . . and an Englishman . . . 


Left of the Left Bank


Claire Martelli holds a brown belt in jujitsu, and a partnership in a Denver-based architectural design firm along with the company's architect who just happens

to be her eccentric and estranged husband. The divorce decree is imminent as she travels to Paris to purchase antiques for a resort project. Privately, she hopes the change of scenery will combat a plague of fearsome nightmares resulting from

a vicious attack that's turned her life inside-out.

     But instead of finding balance in her life, she faces fear anew as she is hunted by an unknown pursuer on the streets of Paris and at the Residence Saint-Germain, an old Left Bank mansion-turned-residence-hotel honeycombed with secret passageways that lead to an appalling discovery.

     With the help of an intriguing Englishman, she resolves to look to the past for answers on staying alive in the present. But can her heart find its true home before it's too late?


Published in the fall of 2015, LEFT OF THE LEFT BANK is a contemporary novel of suspense and romance set in Denver and Paris. In this book I introduce the three Martelli women--Claire, an interior designer, Mandy, a photographer,

and their mother, Abbie, a nurse. All three women are self-reliant and deeply involved in their chosen profession, as well as their love of travel. As this will be Book One of a planned trilogy, these characters will also be featured in the upcoming two sequels which will be set in several countries that I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit.  

Current work in progress . . .​

I am currently writing Book Two of the planned trilogy featuring the enterprising Martelli women as they accept an invitation for a weekend stay at Rosemore Grange, the old family estate belonging to the aristocratic Lady Anna, Countess

of Rosemore, while they are visiting in England.

     During this sojourn, they come face to face with a series of mysterious happenings and take matters into their own hands to solve a baffling disappearance after a grisly murder is committed. 

     New Scotland Yard and the local law enforcement take a dim view of the proffered help by the Americans and caution the women to stay out of their investigation. Of course, that may or may not happen, owing to the tenacity and proclivities of the three women.

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